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My areas of expertise include working with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, emerging adulthood, intimate relationships and self esteem issues. 

Eating Disorders

I specialize in working with individuals struggling with a variety of eating disorders. Throughout the years, I have treated hundreds of clients seeking recovery for an eating disorder. By stabilizing eating patterns and managing emotional issues that accompany eating disordered behaviors, I believe that it is possible to learn to have a healthy relationship with food, as well as improve body image and develop skills to feel more comfortable in your body. The most common eating disorders that clients comes to me to work on include:


Anorexia-low body weight, distorted perception of body image, intense fear of gaining weight, and restricting food intake.


Bulimia-an emotional disorder involving eating large quantities of food consumed in a short period of time, followed by purging behaviors, such as vomiting, laxatives, diuretics, and unhealthy amounts of exercise.


Binge Eating-excessive overeating in one sitting that may cause feelings of being out of control.


Orthorexia-an obsession with only wanting to eat foods that one considers healthy.

Depression and Anxiety

Feeling sad, nervous or anxious is a normal experience that we all face in life. However, feeling these thoughts on a daily basis that interferes with daily functioning, feelings of hopelessness, intense worry, and isolating from family and friends, can mean that you are struggling with depression or anxiety. 

Emerging Adulthood

Individuals ages 18-25 face their own unique set of challenges. Trying to figure out school, work, relationships, finances,  and your place in the world, can cause a lot of stress and confusion. Feeling like one is unsure of their identity is a common struggle that people in this age group struggle with. Sorting through these feelings with a therapist and finding ways to manage all that is going on during this time can be very beneficial as you navigate becoming an adult.

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